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Our present day society is beset with all manner of insecurity, with increasing threats to life and property from numerous angles. Our society is fast losing its moral tenets and so we now have situations where no one can guarantee that his neighbor can be his keeper in his absence any more, as it used to be. This necessitates that everyone now has to be security savvy and literally take his own security in his own hands.

Crime rate is on the rise, on an alarming rate, with some youths now appearing to elevate crime to the status of a profession. Crime and criminality thrive in a society which gives covert or overt consent to all sorts of misdemeanor and malfeasance. From petty thieving to acts of burglary, armed robbery and kidnapping, individuals, families and organizations now have more to worry about their personal security than about their core duties and businesses. This situation is exasperated by the obvious inadequacy of our national security architecture, hence the licensing of private security services to play complementary roles.

Being security conscious entails being vigilant, i.e., looking out for danger and being watchful over yourself, your household, your property or business premises and assets. It also means that the vigilant person must take certain measures as a precaution against theft or vandalism. It is no longer to be considered a normal behaviour, for instance, to build a mansion in your community, lock it up, and return to the city where you reside, without any security arrangement to watch over your mansion while you are gone. Or; to build a factory without security personnel to help protect your workers and assets. The rural communities are also under severe security threats as the cities. Not to take such measures is to be adjudged careless and negligent on security matters. The consequences of such attitude can be dire, sometimes.

Omabala Guards Limited is set up to take away from you some of these fears, worries and anxieties arising from insecurity. Engaging Omabala Guards Limited increases your safety net as we strive to guard with courage and integrity, those who engage us. We customize our services to suit your needs. One of the principles of security is deterrence. Our presence will deter the common criminals from operating around you.




Chief Henry Manafa.


Chief Isaac Ezechukwu.


Dr. Eddi Idigo.


DSP Edward Odili.


Chief (Dr.) Anthony Anukwu.


Chief Edward Okoye.



Managing Director

Chief Dominic Franklin Ndife.

Operations Assistant

Mr. Mike Manafa.

Accounts and Admin

Ms. Florence Onwujekwe.

Our Office

 Joe Idah's House, Mission Road, Christian Village, Amaeze Aguleri, Anambra East Local Government Area/State.